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7 easy steps to REALLY clean your toilet

Home cleaning is not an easy task and a lot of people experience some serious troubles with this it. Part of those problems can be solved easily – you can delegate some of the domestic chores to professional cleaners.

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Bathroom cleaning services in Dublin

I am aware that when I speak of delegating some chores to a professional cleaning company, this might come off as self-promotion. But it honestly isn’t. What I am suggesting is for you to be smart about your budget. There are times when professional domestic cleaners are a must. And then there are jobs you can do on your own pretty quickly. As long as you are not lazy about it…

So, lets take a look at the easy domestic chores you can tackle in a matter of minutes. Since I am about to charm you, I will dive head-first straight into every housekeeper’s favorite item to sanitize: the toilet bowl.

Let’s see how we can keep the toilet bowl sparkling, without wasting too much time and effort on it and in 7 easy steps to REALLY clean your toilet.

Step #1

If you keep some items, near the toilet bowl, you better remove them so you can open up some space and be able to work more easily. The more organized your bathroom is, the easier it would be to clean. Just compare two surfaces: one is stuff- and clutter-free and the other is buried beneath toys, cosmetics and toiletries. Which one do you think would be easier to clean? The same principle applies to toilet bowl sanitation.

Step #2

Put on some latex gloves, wear old clothes and goggles, if you like. You will use some chemicals, so you need to take precaution. And the easiest way to get bleach or toilet cleaning detergent into your eye is while you are way too near the bowl trying to erase all traces of germs.


Start the cleaning of the bowl from inside. Apply toilet cleaning cream on the inside, starting from the rim. It’s very important to apply cleaning compound in such a manner, so it could get under the rim. This is where 90 percent of harmful bacteria finds suitable environment for development.

Step #4

Allow the detergent to stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually, that time is specified on the label of the cleaning compound bottle.

Step #5

Scrub the entire bowl really good. Use the toilet brush for that purpose, once again stress on the area under the rim.

Step #6

Flush the water and take care of the rest of the toilet bowl – this includes the seat, the lid, exterior. You can use regular cleaning detergent that cleans and disinfects at the same time. Don’t miss to wipe and disinfect the handle – this is probably the second dirtiest part, next to the under-rim area.

Step #7

At the end, take care of the toilet brush. Wash it with disinfecting detergent. And don’t forget to change it at least once every six months.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the toilet bowl cleaning. In order to prevent bad smell and bacteria spread, I suggest you to clean your toilet at least once a week or bi-weekly.

cleaning services dublin


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cleaning services
cleaning services Dublin
Date Published: 08/12/2015
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    Household work exists, whether we like it or not. Kitchens have to be cleaned, beds have to be made, floors mopped, appliances cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed. Instead of spending your weekends scrubbing away, leave the cleaning and chores to the professionals who love doing it! If you are not 100% satisfied with our team’s cleaning performance, we will completely re-clean to your satisfaction.

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